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Books - Скачать книги по Linux/Unix - бесплатно

На данной странице будут публиковаться книги разных годов по операционным системам Linux/Unix, FreeBSD, Solaris, а также по технологиям - Docker, Docker swarm, elasticsearch, jenkins, Terraform, vim, kubernetes. Их можно будет скачать по прямой ссылке без регистрации бесплатно в форматах - pdf/html/epub/djvu

Книги 2017 года

Abhishek Andhavarapu - Learning Elasticsearch - 2017 - PDF
Damian Wojslaw - Introducing ZFS on Linux: Understand the Basics of Storage with ZFS - 2017 - PDF
Дейв Тейлор, Брендон Перри - Сценарии командной оболочки. Linux, OS X и Unix. 2-е издание - 2017 - PDF
Giorgio Zarrelli - Mastering Bash - 2017 - PDF
Ferdinando Santacroce - Git Essentials, 2nd Edition - 2017 - PDF
Jasmin Azemović - SQL Server on Linux - 2017 - PDF
Anoop Chaturvedi, B.L. Rai - Unix and Shell Programming - 2017 - PDF
Aaron Newcomb - Linux for Makers: Understanding the Operating System That Runs Raspberry Pi and Other Maker SBCs - 2017 - PDF

Уильям Шоттс - Командная строка Linux. Полное руководство (Год - 2017, pdf, epub, html)
Download in pdf1.png Download in epub.png Download in html.png

Дрю Нейл - Практическое использование Vim (Год - 2017, pdf, html)
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Asghar Ghori - CompTIA Linux+/LPIC-1: Training and Exam Preparation Guide (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Fabrizio Soppelsa, Chanwit Kaewkasi - Native Docker Clustering with Swarm (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Bilgin Ibryam and Roland Huß - Kubernetes Patterns (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Hideto Saito, Hui-Chuan Chloe Lee, Cheng-Yang Wu - DevOps with Kubernetes (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Haines N. - Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users (Год - 2017, pdf, 2nd Edition)
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Newmarch J. - Linux Sound Programming (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Jonathan Baier - Getting Started with Kubernetes - Second Edition (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Victor J. - Oracle Solaris 11 System Virtualization Essentials (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Kelsey Hightower, Brendan Burns, and Joe Beda - Kubernetes: Up and Running (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Gigi Sayfan - Mastering Kubernetes (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Vishal Biyani, Girish (CEO – infraCloud) - Deploying and Scaling Kubernetes with Rancher (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Viktor Farcic - The Devops 2.1 Toolkit: Docker Swarm (Год - 2017, pdf)
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John Madieu - Linux Device Drivers Development (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman - Terraform: Up & Running (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Raghu Bharadwaj - Mastering Linux Kernel Development (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Shital Vivek Ghate - Operating System Concepts and Basic Linux Commands (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Stephane Jourdan, Pierre Pomes - Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Cookbook (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Carl Albing, JP Vossen, Cameron Newham - bash Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for bash Users (Год - 2017, pdf, 2nd edition)
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Kali Linux – An Ethical Hacker’s Cookbook (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Nikhil Pathania - Learning Continuous Integration with Jenkins (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Nikhil Pathania - Pro Continuous Delivery With Jenkins 2.0 (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Bharvi Dixit (Author), Rafal Kuc (Author), Marek Rogozinski (Author), Saurabh Chhajed (Author) - Elasticsearch: A Complete Guide (Год - 2017, pdf, 1st Edition)
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Randall Smith - Docker Orchestration (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Russ McKendrick (Author), Pethuru Raj (Author), Jeeva S. Chelladhurai (Author), Vinod Singh (Author) - Docker Bootcamp (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Giometti R. - GNU/Linux Rapid Embedded Programming (Год - 2017, pdf)
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Tale S. - Linux: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Linux Operating System (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Matt Bailey - CoreOS in Action: Running Applications on Container Linux (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Mark G. Sobell, Matthew Helmke - A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming (Год - 2017, pdf, 4th Edition)
Download in pdf1.png

The Most Useful Tutorial and Reference, with Hundreds of High-Quality Examples for Every Popular Linux Distribution

“First Sobell taught people how to use Linux . . . now he teaches you the power of Linux. A must-have book for anyone who wants to take Linux to the next level.”
–Jon “maddog” Hall, Executive Director, Linux International
Discover the Power of Linux–Covers macOS, too!
Learn from hundreds of realistic, high-quality examples, and become a true command-line guru!
NEW! Covers MariaDB, DNF, and Python 3
Covers the macOS command line and its unique tools
More than 300 page—long reference covers more than 100 utilities, including macOS commands!
For use with all popular versions of Linux, including Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Red Hat, Debian, Mageia, Mint, Arch, CentOS, and macOS, too!
Linux is today’s dominant Internet server platform. System administrators and Web developers need deep Linux fluency, including expert knowledge of shells and the command line. This is the only guide with everything you need to achieve that level of Linux mastery. Renowned Linux expert Mark Sobell has brought together comprehensive, insightful guidance on the tools sysadmins, developers, and power users need most, and has created an outstanding day-to-day reference, updated with assistance from new coauthor Matthew Helmke. This title is 100 percent distribution and release agnostic. Packed with hundreds of high-quality, realistic examples, it presents Linux from the ground up: the clearest explanations and most useful information about everything from filesystems to shells, editors to utilities, and programming tools to regular expressions.
Use a Mac? You’ll find coverage of the macOS command line, including macOS-only tools and utilities that other Linux/UNIX titles ignore. A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming, Fourth Edition, is the only guide to deliver
A MariaDB chapter to get you started with this ubiquitous relational database management system (RDBMS)
A masterful introduction to Python for system administrators and power users
In-depth coverage of the bash and tcsh shells, including a complete discussion of environment, inheritance, and process locality, plus coverage of basic and advanced shell programming
Practical explanations of 98 core utilities, from aspell to xargs, including printf and sshfs/curlftpfs, PLUS macOS—specific utilities from ditto to SetFile
Expert guidance on automating remote backups using rsync
Dozens of system security tips, including step-by-step walkthroughs of implementing secure communications using ssh and scp
Tips and tricks for customizing the shell, including step values, sequence expressions, the eval builtin, and implicit command-line continuation
High-productivity editing techniques using vim and emacs
A comprehensive, 300-plus-page command reference section covering more than 100 utilities, including find, grep, sort, and tar Instructions for updating systems using apt-get and dnf

And much more, including coverage of BitTorrent, gawk, sed, find, sort, bzip2, and regular expressions

Ovadia S. - Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches shows you how to install and use Linux for all the things you do with your OS, like connecting to a network, installing software, and securing your system. Whether you’re just curious about Linux or have to get up and running for your job, you’ll appreciate how this book concentrates on the tasks you need to know how to do in 23 easy lessons.

If you’ve only used Windows or Mac OS X, you may be daunted by the Linux operating system. And yet learning Linux doesn’t have to be hard, and the payoff is great. Linux is secure, flexible, and free. It’s less susceptible to malicious attacks, and when it is attacked, patches are available quickly. If you don’t like the way it looks or behaves, you can change it. And best of all, Linux allows users access to different desktop interfaces and loads of software, almost all of it completely free.
Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches shows you how to install and use Linux for all the things you do with your OS, like connecting to a network, installing software, and securing your system. Whether you’re just curious about Linux or need it for your job, you’ll appreciate how this book focuses on just the tasks you need to learn. In easy-to-follow lessons designed to take an hour or less, you’ll learn how to use the command line, along with practical topics like installing software, customizing your desktop, printing, and even basic networking. You’ll find a road map to the commands and processes you need to be instantly productive.
What’s Inside
● Master the command line
● Learn about file systems
● Understand desktop environments
● Go from Linux novice to expert in just one month

This book is for anyone looking to learn how to use Linux. No previous Linux experience required.

Matotek D., Turnbull J., Lieverdink P. - Pro Linux System Administration (Год - 2017, pdf, 2nd edition)
Download in pdf1.png

Implement a SOHO or SMB Linux infrastructure to expand your business and associated IT capabilities. Backed by the expertise and experienced guidance of the authors, this book provides everything you need to move your business forward.

Pro Linux System Administration makes it easy for small- to medium–sized businesses to enter the world of zero–cost software running on Linux and covers all the distros you might want to use, including Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. Pro Linux System Administration takes a layered, component–based approach to open source business systems, while training system administrators as the builders of business infrastructure.
Completely updated for this second edition, Dennis Matotek takes you through an infrastructure-as-code approach, seamlessly taking you through steps along the journey of Linux administration with all you need to master complex systems. This edition now includes Jenkins, Ansible, Logstash and more.
What You'll Learn:
- Understand Linux architecture
- Build, back up, and recover Linux servers
- Create basic networks and network services with Linux
- Build and implement Linux infrastructure and services including mail, web, databases, and file and print
- Implement Linux security
- Resolve Linux performance and capacity planning issues
Who This Book Is For:

Small to medium–sized business owners looking to run their own IT, system administrators considering migrating to Linux, and IT systems integrators looking for an extensible Linux infrastructure management approach.

Senthil Kumaran S. - Practical LXC and LXD: Linux Containers for Virtualization and Orchestration (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Use Linux containers as an alternative virtualization technique to virtualize your operating system environment. This book will cover LXC’s unmatched flexibility with virtualization and LXD’s smooth user experience.

Practical LXC and LXD begins by introducing you to Linux containers (LXC and LXD). You will then go through use cases based on LXC and LXD. Next, you will see the internal workings of LXC and LXD by considering the repositories and templates used. You will then learn how to integrate LXC and LXD with common virtualization and orchestration tools such as libvirt and SaltStack. Finally, you will dive into containerization and security. The book will explore some of the common problems in security and provide a case study on how containerization can help mitigate some of the operating system-level security issues in an IoT environment.
What You Will Learn
Get an introduction to Linux containers
Discover the basics of LXC and LXD
See use cases that can be solved with LXC and LXD – for developers, devops, and system administrators
Master LXC and LXD repositories
Use LXC and LXD with common virtualization and orchestration tools
Consider a containerization and security in IoT case study
Who This Book Is For

The audience for this book should have basic knowledge of Linux and software development in general. The intended readership is primarily software developers, operations engineers, and system administrators who are interested in devops, though managers and enthusiasts will also benefit from this book.

James Kent Lewis - Linux Shell Scripting Bootcamp (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

A quick and straightforward approach to writing shell scripts to accomplish different types of tasks on a Linux system.

Linux Shell Scripting Bootcamp is all about learning the essentials of script creation, validating parameters, and checking for the existence of files and other items needed by the script.
We will use scripts to explore iterative operations using loops and learn different types of loop statements, with their differences. Along with this, we will also create a numbered backup script for backup files.
Further, you will get well-versed with how variables work on a Linux system and how they relate to scripts. You’ll also learn how to create and call subroutines in a script and create interactive scripts. The most important archive commands, zip and tar, are also discussed for performing backups. Later, you will dive deeper by understanding the use of wget and curl scripts and the use of checksum and file encryption in further chapters.
Finally, you will learn how to debug scripts and scripting best practices that will enable you to write a great code every time! By the end of the book, you will be able to write shell scripts that can dig data from the web and process it efficiently.
What You Will Learn
Get acquainted with the basics of a shell script to serve as a refresher for more advanced topics
Learn different ways to create and run a script
Discuss the passing and verification of parameters, along with the verification of other items.
Understand the different forms of conditions and loops, and go over the sleep command in detail
Learn about different ways to handle the reporting of return codes
Create an interactive script by reading the keyboard and use subroutines and interrupts
Create scripts to perform backups and go over the use of encryption tools and checksums

Use wget and curl in scripts to get data directly from the Internet

Harry Harvey - Shell Scripting: Learn Linux Shell Programming Step-By-Step (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

This book is for all those who are willing to learn UNIX like operating system and shell scripting. You can start reading this book without any knowledge of programming / scripting or any knowledge of any Linux/ UNIX operating system.

All of the programs / scripts in this book are explained as a step by step program with clear instructions. Each chapter will contain a certain number of relevant topics with illustrations and exercises where necessary, this will all be finished off with an end of chapter quiz for an easy and enjoyable learning.
In this book you will find the following topics: wildcards, functions, text processing, text searching, loops, troubleshooting and debugging. At the end of this book you will learn how to write more complex scripts using variables, functions and loops.

If you are Linux new user, so this book is good for you, keep in mind this is not about Linux system administration.


Chapter 1 4
Introduction to Shell Scripting 4
Chapter2 13
Explore your system 13
Chapter3 21
Change and Maniuplate your files 21
Chapter4 32
Go deeper with the Command Line 32
Chapter5 40
Searching 40
Chapter6 49
Text processing 49
Chapter7 71
Writing Scripts 71
Chapter8 84
Looping and Flow Control 84
Chapter 9 104

Troubleshooting and Debugging 104

Thomas Uphill - DevOps: Puppet, Docker, and Kubernetes (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Get hands-on recipes to automate and manage Linux containers with the Docker 1.6 environment and jump-start your Puppet development
With so many IT management and DevOps tools on the market, both open source and commercial, it’s difficult to know where to start. DevOps is incredibly powerful when implemented correctly, and here’s how to get it done.This Learning Path covers three broad areas: Puppet, Docker, and Kubernetes. This Learning Path is a large resource of recipes to ease your daily DevOps tasks. We begin with recipes that help you develop a complete and expert understanding of Puppet’s latest and most advanced features. Then we provide recipes that help you efficiently work with the Docker environment. Finally, we show you how to better manage containers in different scenarios in production using Kubernetes.
This course is based on these books:
Puppet Cookbook - Third Edition
Docker Cookbook

Kubernetes Cookbook

Table of Contents



Kyle Rankin - Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks: Server Security from TLS to Tor (Год - 2017, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Implement Industrial-Strength Security on Any Linux Server

In an age of mass surveillance, when advanced cyberwarfare weapons rapidly migrate into every hacker’s toolkit, you can’t rely on outdated security methods—especially if you’re responsible for Internet-facing services. In Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks, Kyle Rankin helps you to implement modern safeguards that provide maximum impact with minimum effort and to strip away old techniques that are no longer worth your time. Rankin provides clear, concise guidance on modern workstation, server, and network hardening, and explains how to harden specific services, such as web servers, email, DNS, and databases. Along the way, he demystifies technologies once viewed as too complex or mysterious, but now essential to mainstream Linux security. He also includes a full chapter on effective incident response. Each chapter begins with techniques any sysadmin can use quickly to protect against entry-level hackers and presents intermediate and advanced techniques to safeguard against sophisticated and knowledgeable attackers, perhaps even state actors. Throughout, you learn what each technique does, how it works, what it does and doesn’t protect against, and whether it would be useful in your environment. Learn how to

Apply core security techniques including 2FA and strong passwords Protect admin workstations via lock screens, disk encryption, BIOS passwords, and other methods Use the security-focused Tails distribution as a quick path to a hardened workstation Compartmentalize workstation tasks into VMs with varying levels of trust Harden servers with SSH, use apparmor and sudo to limit the damage attackers can do, and set up remote syslog servers to track their actions Establish secure VPNs with OpenVPN, and leverage SSH to tunnel traffic when VPNs can’t be used Configure a software load balancer to terminate SSL/TLS connections and initiate new ones downstream Set up standalone Tor services and hidden Tor services and relays Secure Apache and Nginx web servers, and take full advantage of HTTPS Perform advanced web server hardening with HTTPS forward secrecy and ModSecurity web application firewalls Strengthen email security with SMTP relay authentication, SMTPS, SPF records, DKIM, and DMARC Harden DNS servers, deter their use in DDoS attacks, and fully implement DNSSEC Systematically protect databases via network access control, TLS traffic encryption, and encrypted data storage

Respond to a compromised server, collect evidence, and prevent future attacks

Contents at a Glance

About the Author
1. Overall Security Concepts
2. Workstation Security
3. Server Security
4. Network
5. Web Servers
6. Email
7. DNS
8. Database
9. Incident Response
Appendix A. Tor
Appendix B. SSL/TLS


Книги 2016 года

Sander van Vugt - Red Hat RHCSA/RHCE 7 Cert Guide: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (EX200 and EX300) - 2016 - PDF
Joakim Verona - Practical DevOps - 2016 - PDF

Brian Ward - How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know / Брайан Уорд - Внутреннее устройство Linux (Год - 2016, pdf, html)
Download in pdf1.png Download in html.png

Vazquez A. - Learn CentOS Linux Network Service (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Jay LaCroix - Mastering Ubuntu Server (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Chris Wood (Author), Vassili van der Mersch (Author), Kristopher Sandoval (Author), Bill Doerrfeld (Editor) - API-Driven DevOps (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Ian Miell and Aidan Hobson Sayers - Docker in Practice (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Jeff Nickoloff - Docker in Action (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Deepak Vohra (Foreword by Massimo Nardone) - Kubernetes Microservices with Docker (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Viktor Farcic - The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit. Automating the Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Containerized Microservices (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Deepak Vohra - Pro Docker (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

James Turnbull - The Docker Book (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Bresnahan C., Blum R. - LPIC-2: Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide: Exam 201 and Exam 202 (Год - 2016, pdf, 2n edition)
Download in pdf1.png

LPIC-2 is the one-stop preparation resource for the Linux Professional Institute's Advanced Level certification exam. With 100 percent coverage of all exam objectives, this book provides clear and concise coverage of the Linux administration topics you'll need to know for exams 201 and 202. Practical examples highlight the real-world applications of important concepts, and together, the author team provides insights based on almost fifty years in the IT industry. This brand new second edition has been completely revamped to align with the latest versions of the exams, with authoritative coverage of the Linux kernel, system startup, advanced storage, network configuration, system maintenance, web services, security, troubleshooting, and more. You also get access to online learning tools including electronic flashcards, chapter tests, practice exams, and a glossary of critical terms to help you solidify your understanding of upper-level Linux administration topics.

The LPI-level 2 certification confirms your advanced Linux skill set, and the demand for qualified professionals continues to grow. This book gives you the conceptual guidance and hands-on practice you need to pass the exam with flying colors.
- Understand all of the material for both LPIC-2 exams
- Gain insight into real-world applications
- Test your knowledge with chapter tests and practice exams
- Access online study aids for more thorough preparation

Organizations are flocking to the open-source Linux as an excellent, low-cost, secure alternative to expensive operating systems like Microsoft Windows. As the Linux market share continues to climb, organizations are scrambling to find network and server administrators with expert Linux knowledge and highly practical skills. The LPI-level 2 certification makes you the professional they need, and LPIC-2 is your ideal guide to getting there.

Contents at a Glance

Introduction xxiii
Assessment Test xliii
Part I The LPI 201 Exam 1
Chapter 1 Starting a System 3
Chapter 2 Maintaining the System 37
Chapter 3 Mastering the Kernel 93
Chapter 4 Managing the Filesystem 139
Chapter 5 Administering Advanced Storage Devices 199
Chapter 6 Navigating Network Services 271
Part II The LPI 202 Exam 315
Chapter 7 Organizing Email Services 317
Chapter 8 Directing DNS 371
Chapter 9 Offering Web Services 451
Chapter 10 Sharing Files 497
Chapter 11 Managing Network Clients 581
Chapter 12 Setting Up System Security 619
Appendix Answers to Review Questions 655

Index 691

Sam Alapati - Modern Linux Administration - How to Become a Cutting-Edge Linux Administrator (Год - 2016, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

If you want to excel in your work as a Linux administrator, or perhaps land a job as one, you need this book. The amount of knowledge and expertise required of Linux administrators has grown tremendously over the past 10 years. Today you need an amazing variety of skills, several of them very new.

This book provides developers, enterprise architects, and site reliability engineers with a sound introduction to bleeding-edge Linux-based tools and technologies for both development and production environments. If you already know Linux administration basics, author Sam Alapati will help you explore and evaluate tools for virtualization, cloud and big data, configuration management and continuous delivery, and operations monitoring.
Topics include:
Scalability, web applications, web services, and microservices
Server virtualization, Linux containers, and Docker containers
Automating server deployment and managing development environments
Infrastructure as code, configuration management, and orchestration tools
Version control and source code management
Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment

Centralized log management and analysis, and streaming data

Chapter 1 Modern Linux System Administration

Chapter 2 Networking Essentials for a System Administrator
Chapter 3 Scalability, Web Applications, Web Services, and Microservices
Chapter 4 Server Virtualization and Linux Containers
Chapter 5 Working with Docker Containers
Chapter 6 Automating Server Deployment and Managing Development Environments
Chapter 7 Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management and Orchestration Tools
Chapter 8 Version Control and Source Code Management
Chapter 9 Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment
Chapter 10 Centralized Log Management and Analysis, and Handling Stream Data
Chapter 11 System Monitoring, Event Processing, and Tracking Application Performance
Chapter 12 Enterprise Infrastructure-as-a-Service Using Openstack
Chapter 13 Cloud System Administration – A Crash Course on Managing Amazon Web Services (and the Google Cloud Platform) Chapter 14 Big Data, Data Science, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Mesos
Chapter 15 Security and Compliance in the Modern Systems Environment

Chapter 16 New Computing Environments, Reliability Engineering and Modern Linux Performance Tuning

Книги 2015 года

Mitja Resman - CentOS High Availability - 2015 - PDF
Майкл Фицджеральд - Регулярные выражения. Основы - 2015 - PDF
Arnold Robbins - Effective awk Programming - 2015 - PDF
Negus C. - Linux Bible, 9th Edition - 2015 - PDF
Asghar Ghori - RHCSA & RHCE Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Training and Exam Preparation Guide (EX200 and EX300) Third Edition - 2015 - PDF

Khare N - Docker Cookbook (Год - 2015, pdf, html)
Download in pdf1.png Download in html.png

Sander van Vugt - Beginning the Linux Command Line (Год - 2015, pdf, Second edition)
Download in pdf1.png

Shrikrishna Holla - Orchestrating Docker (Год - 2015, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Download in pdf1.png

Sébastien Goasguen - Docker Cookbook. Solutions and Examples for Building Distributed Applications (Год - 2015, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Pethuru Raj, Jeeva S. Chelladhurai, Vinod Singh - Learning Docker (Год - 2015, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Oskar Hane - Build Your Own PaaS with Docker (Год - 2015, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Hertzog Raphaël, Mas Roland - The Debian Administrator's Handbook / Настольная книга администратора Debian 8 (Год - 2015, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Karl Matthias and Sean P. Kane - Docker: Up and Running (Год - 2015, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Richard Blum, Christine Bresnahan - Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible (Год - 2015, pdf, 3rd Edition)
Download in pdf1.png

Книги 2014 года

Кристофер Негус - Ubuntu и Debian Linux для продвинутых: Более 1000 незаменимых команд, 2-е издание - 2014 - PDF

Hansteen P.N.M. - The Book of PF, 3rd Edition (Год - 2014 , pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Р. Лав - Linux. Системное программирование (Год - 2014 , pdf, 2е издание)
Download in pdf1.png

Книги 2013 года

Чакон С. - Pro Git / Scott Chacon - Pro Git (Год - 2013, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Арнольд Роббинс, Элберт Хана, Линда Лэмб - Изучаем редакторы vi и Vim (Год - 2013, pdf, 7е издание)
Download in pdf1.png

Книги 2012 года

Немет Э., Снайдер Г., Хейн Т., Уэйли Б. - Unix и Linux. Руководство системного администратора (Год - 2012, pdf, html)
Download in pdf1.png Download in html.png

Blum R., Bresnahan C. - Linux Command Line and Shell / Блум Р., Бреснахэн К. - Командная строка Linux и сценарии оболочки (Год - 2012, pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Книги 2011 года

Войтов Н.М. - Администрирование Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Год - 2011 , pdf)
Download in pdf1.png

Книги 2010 года

Love R. - Linux Kernel Development (Год - 2010 , pdf, 3rd Edition)
Download in pdf1.png

Книги 2009 года

Лукас Майкл - FreeBSD. Подробное руководство (Год - 2009, pdf, 2е издание)
Download in pdf1.png

John Bambenek and Agnieszka Klus - grep Pocket Reference (Год - 2009, pdf, 1st Edition)
Download in pdf1.png

grep Pocket Reference is the first guide devoted to grep, the powerful Unix content-location utility. This handy book is ideal for system administrators, security professionals, developers, and others who want to learn more about grep and take new approaches with it -- for everything from mail filtering and system log management to malware analysis. With grep Pocket Reference, you will:

Learn methods for filtering large files for specific content
Acquire information not included in the current grep documentation
Get several tricks for using variants such as egrep
Keep key information about grep right at your fingertips

Find the answers you need about grep quickly and easily. If you're familiar with this utility, grep Pocket Reference will help you refresh your basic knowledge, understand rare situations, and work more efficiently. If you're new to grep, this book is the best way to get started.

grep Pocket Reference 1
Introduction 1
Conceptual Overview 5
Introduction to Regular Expressions 7
grep Basics 24
Basic Regular Expressions (grep or grep -G) 27
Extended Regular Expressions (egrep or grep -E) 38
Fixed Strings (fgrep or grep -F) 41
Perl-Style Regular Expressions (grep -P) 43
Introduction to grep-Relevant Environment Variables 49
Choosing Between grep Types and Performance Considerations 54
Advanced Tips and Tricks with grep 57
References 67
Index 69

Книги 2005 года

Д. Дж. Еаррет - Linux: основные команды. Карманный справочник (Год - 2005, pdf, html)
Download in pdf1.png Download in html.png


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